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Prepare your home for winter with rebates from Bovard

You don’t have to go another year with an outdated, inefficient heating system that’s costing you a fortune in utility bills. Rebates are available on qualified systems for a limited time only. See below for specific details by brand.

Conquer costly heating bills

If your furnace is over 10 years old, you’re probably wasting money on utility bills. Bovard can help you save money with a new energy effcient, cost-effective heating system from Carrier®.  Our heat pumps from Carrier® will help you stay warm and save money.

Cut electric and oil heat today 

Now is the time to replace your expensive electric or oil heat. Stop hassling with hot and cold spots, or heating unused rooms. These high-efficiency, multi-zone systems keep each room in your home at the perfect temperature.

HVAC Rebates up to $600 and Utility Rebates up to $250. 

Install Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Ductless Heat Pumps in your home today.

Mitsubishi Electric rebates active for a limited time only. Call today! Rebates end December 31st.

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