Warm Weather Is
On Its Way!

Have You Scheduled an AC Tune-up for Your HVAC System?

Keeping your HVAC system running at peak performance with an annual AC tune-up is important. It can improve the overall airflow in your home, keeping you cool & comfortable, even during the hot Central PA summers. Plus, routine tune-ups can help improve the life expectancy of your system.

Top Signs Your AC System Needs Service or Repair:

If your system is experiencing any of the above, it’s time to call Bovard!

Ignoring routine AC maintenance and service can result in your home not being as cool and comfortable as you’d like when the weather outside gets hot. Plus, your utility bills may be higher, as your system struggles to keep up. When your AC system components have to work harder, it can reduce the life of your unit or, even worse, result in system failure.

Prepare Now for Summer Temperatures!

Call the experts at Bovard to ensure your HVAC system is maintained and working properly before the hot weather is here. From routine maintenance to repairs, our HVAC technicians will make sure your cooling system is performing at its best.

Schedule Your HVAC Tune-Up ASAP!

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