Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

Bovard: Plumbing expertise you can trust!

You’ve come to rely on Bovard as your local experts for all things HVAC. Our technicians are known for their great customer service and expertise in your home’s heating and cooling system, but you may not have known that we do plumbing too. Schedule our plumbers for your plumbing installation or replacement needs.  Find out if you’re at risk for plumbing issues by scheduling a complete home plumbing inspection.

Installation, Replacement and Repair Services

Hot Water Heaters
Water Softeners
Leaky Indoor Pipes

Water Damage is the top cause for homeowner insurance claims

Many problems can be prevented with proper maintenance and routine updates to equipment. Aging hot water heaters are prone to leaking, and the damage to your home, and contents can be devastating. The average loss for a homeowner is $5,000!

What are the signs you need a new hot water heater?

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*Please note that our plumbers are not on call for emergencies like clogged pipes or backed-up toilets.

Want to learn more about water softeners?

We’re here to help. The purpose of a water softener is to remove minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, from your drinking water. While these minerals are not harmful to you, they can build up over time and wreak havoc with your appliances.