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An Attitude of Gratitude

I had the good fortune of listening to a podcast this morning that spoke to me and I wanted to share.  It was on John Warrillow’s podcast, and he was interviewing Bill Hudenko, a...

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Ductless Heat Pumps

The terms ductless heat pump and ductless mini-split have been out there for years. Many people think of them as the little HVAC units people install in a sunroom. However, the...

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Be Proactive and Save $$

This is not the season for procrastinating, especially with your heating system or water heater. It's time to be proactive and not reactive. Why is now different than...

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Reducing Oil Dependency in Your Home

The cost of home heating oil continues to cause major financial burdens for families. I've heard horror stories from folks who say their costs for heating oil have doubled and...

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Plumbing in Blair County!

Bovard now has plumbing service and repairs to offer our customers in Altoona and surrounding communities. We specialize in water heater repairs and replacements, softener...

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