The cost of home heating oil continues to cause major financial burdens for families. I’ve heard horror stories from folks who say their costs for heating oil have doubled and tripled from previous seasons. With the market volatility of fossil fuels, heat pumps are becoming a very viable option for many homeowners.

Heat pump efficiencies have improved drastically over the past decade. Many systems we install can operate efficiently with outdoor temperatures as low as 5 degrees F and a few can be 80% efficient down to -15 degrees. Homes with hot air oil furnaces can be easily retrofitted with a heat pump. Homes with oil boilers are a bit trickier, but we have installed hundreds on Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems in homes with no ductwork to glowing reviews. In addition to zoned heating, these systems also provide the added benefit of air conditioning as well.

If you’re considering a replacement for your aging heating oil system, consider a heat pump or a ductless heat pump as a great alternative.