Bovard Heating & Cooling and Carrier. A winning combination for your whole home comfort.

How can you be sure you’ll get the solutions you need and the services you deserve?

Carrier invented modern air conditioning and is the world’s leading brand of heating and cooling systems. It is trusted in more homes than any other brand. Carrier® Turn to the experts.

And with Bovard’s extensive product knowledge and experience, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you won’t just have to hope for the best, you can expect it.


Central heating and cooling systems produce warm or cool air and distribute it throughout your home through a system of ducts. “Central” comes in several configurations, from Traditional Split Systems (having both indoor and outdoor components) to Packaged Product Systems (having one combined outdoor component for heating and cooling). Packaged products include dual fuel systems and all electric options.


Whole-home central air conditioning systems pump chilled air through ductwork in your walls and ceilings to deliver cool comfort throughout your home. A central air conditioning system can provide cooling, ventilation, humidity control, and even switch to heating in cooler months, if using a heat pump.


Most central heating systems are forced air systems, which means a fan blows warm air through ductwork. Radiant systems generate “wet” heat from sources such as boilers, and deliver it through radiators throughout your home. Heating products include: heat pumps, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, fan coils, & boilers.


These are not your father’s heat pumps! Heat pump technology has come a long way in the last fifteen years and are now they are among the most cost effective residential systems for Altoona area homeowners to operate. Despite their name, heat pumps deliver both warm and cool air to your living areas, providing year ’round comfort at the highest levels of efficiency.


Controls and thermostats turn your heating and cooling system on and off in order to bring your home to a set temperature. On the go and want to change the settings? You can connect to your system from almost anywhere via Wi-Fi®+. Advanced technology found in the Evolution® control helps you save energy and reduces costs by giving you precise control over temperature, humidity, air treatment, scheduling and more CONVENIENCE.