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Parts Shortage

The effects of Covid-19 and worldwide shutdowns have had an ongoing impact and the shortage of parts is one of major importance. We in the HVAC industry are seeing major shortages in our HVAC parts and equipment.

This shortage has a critical impact on your preparedness for winter weather.  When it comes to heating and air conditioning in Central Pennsylvania, every day can be different, especially when the seasons transition. As we move into Fall and Winter here in Altoona and the surrounding areas, temperatures have already started to drop!

What does that mean for you as a homeowner or business owner who is responsible for the HVAC equipment?

It means don’t delay when it comes to scheduling your seasonal maintenance of your air conditioning system!  We overstate the urgency of this message. Due to Covid-19, manufacturers for all major brands of heat pumps and AC units have depleted their stock of parts and units, so there are major delays in fulfilling new orders.  What we used to be able to get overnight, now can take weeks and possibly months to acquire, and that’s a big concern as the days will continue to get colder.

Schedule Maintenance NOW.

As HVAC providers, this is always our busy time of year, so we’re encouraging our residents to take precaution and get their summer maintenance scheduled early.  We want to make sure our customers are warm and cozy when winter temperatures arrive.  If we can address any issues you may have ahead of time, any possible delays in fulfilling parts orders can be accounted for.

Don’t get stuck in the cold this winter with no heat.  Schedule your maintenance appointment now!

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