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HVAC Parts Shortage Impact on Central Pennsylvania

We in the HVAC industry are seeing major shortages in our HVAC parts and equipment. The effects of Covid-19 and worldwide shutdowns can impact your preparedness for summer heat. Manufacturers for all major brands of heat pumps and AC units have depleted their stock of parts and units, so there are major delays in fulfilling new orders. What we used to be able to get overnight, now can take weeks and possibly months to acquire, and that’s a big concern as we move into spring and summer.


What does that mean for you as an Altoona area homeowner or business owner who is responsible for the HVAC equipment?

It means don’t delay when it comes to contacting Bovard about your heating and cooling equipment. It is not too early to order your new Mitsubishi Electric Ductless HVAC system today! We urge you to start preparing for warmer weather now, to ensure that your energy-efficient equipment is installed before temperatures rise in Central Pennsylvania.


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